Preserve Your Petals- Flower Preservation, Mt Airy, MD We preserve flowers including: wedding bouquets, special memorial flowers and prom or anniversary flowers.

Brides – Don’t toss your wedding bouquet away! Your beautiful bouquet can be enjoyed for years to come when we preserve and arrange your bouquet as a beautiful keepsake.

driedrosesAt Preserve Your Petals, our goal is for every client to walk away with a timeless piece you can share with your family and treasure for a lifetime.


Start Planning!
It is essential that we receive your flowers as soon as possible. Please call to set up a time to bring your flowers to us, schedule an appointment for our pick-up service or ship to us overnight. Remember do not freeze flowers but keep in a cool refrigerator that is not too cold.

Let us work together to create a keepsake you will fall in love with.

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