dried roses wedding bouquet flowers mt Airy MdWhat is Freeze Drying?
Freeze Drying is a preservation process which allows us to dry flowers while maintaining their natural shape and color. “Good Housekeeping Magazine” has rated Freeze Drying the best preservation method available for flowers.

How soon do you need the flowers?
The sooner (fresher), the better the results. Flowers should be dropped off within the first few days after the wedding or special event, if possible. Call in advance to book an appointment for our pick-up service from your event site or instructions on overnight shipping.

How do I care for my fresh flowers before bringing them to Preserve Your Petals?
Place flowers in a container with water or moisten the green oasis centered within your bouquet holder.

Two: Store flowers in a refrigerator or use a cooler with disposable ice packs. Keep away from fruits or vegetables.

Three: Call to make an appointment with us to drop off your flowers. DO NOT place your flowers in the freezer or let your flowers get too cold in the refrigerator.Some colors, such as dark red, will tend to deepen in color. Whites may take on more of an ivory appearance. You must remember, flowers are being preserved and Mother Nature believes in changing colors when fresh flowers are dried. Preserved Freeze Dried flowers will keep their shape, but color may change slightly.

Can all flowers be Freeze Dried?
We have perfected Freeze Drying almost all types of flowers; however, we are unable to Freeze Dry Bouvardia, Shasta Daises, Astra Maria (also known as Peruvian Lilies), and Ivy. If by chance these happen to be in your bouquet or floral arrangement, we will Freeze Dry them regardless. If these types of flowers don’t turn out, then we will replace them free of charge with high quality silks.

How long will Freeze Dried flowers last?
This depends on the environment the flowers are placed in after preservation. Excessive humidity and ultraviolet light are the main enemies of preserved flowers. Designs in frames with bubble domes, shadowboxes, or glass encasements are protected from high humidity. Placing your display in indirect lighting will minimize fading of the preserved floral keepsake. In every keepsake display, we place humidity packets and insect guard so that your keepsake will last longer. You will be able to enjoy our preserved “Floral Keepsake” for many years, possibly even a lifetime.

Is a deposit required?
For wedding bouquets a deposit of $200.00 is required. The deposit will go towards the price of the keepsake display. The price of the display includes: preservation of the flowers, designing, and the display itself. For all other flowers, full payment is required at time of delivery. Deposits are non-refundable.

How much does it cost?
The cost is based on the style and size of the display you choose. The price of the Display includes the freeze drying of the flowers, designing of the keepsake, and the display itself. The deposit of $200.00 goes towards the overall cost of the Display. If you order a Display that costs $400.00, the deposit goes towards that $400.00 and your remaining balance will be $200.00 (this example does not include tax). View our full Price List

When do I need to select my Keepsake Display?
For bridal bouquets, you will need to select your Keepsake Display within 30 days from the date your flowers were delivered. Remaining balance is due at time of Display selection. For all other flowers, full payment and design selection is required at time of delivery.

Will you preserve just the flowers without mounting them in a Keepsake Display?
To properly take care of Freeze Dried flowers, they need to be placed into a Keepsake Display. The Display gives preserved flowers longevity. The Keepsake Display helps protect the preserved flowers from dust, moisture, UV light, and insects. However, we do have instances where the client would just like to preserve the bridal bouquet, without purchasing a Keepsake Display. We will then hand the preserved flowers back to the client in a plastic air tight encasement that they can take home. Please realize that the flowers have been taken apart to pre- and post-treat separately for color and shatter proofing. So they will not be reassembled in their original bouquet form, but will be placed individually, side by side, in the plastic container.

Can you ship all Keepsake Displays to the Customer?
Yes, we can ship Keepsake Displays! We mount the Freeze Dried flowers and mementos into each Keepsake Display so they will not detach easily. We will make the design easy for you to take the backing off so when the design arrives on your side, you can easily clean the inside if necessary. We will gladly ship Keepsake Displays around the U.S.

If I add mementos to my display (picture, program, etc.) how long do we have to bring them to you or mail in the mementos?
You can bring your mementos to us when you come to pick out your Keepsake Display. This will give you a better idea of what will work in your display and what will not. However, if you did not bring them at the time of selection, you have 30 days from the date you selected your Keepsake Display to send in your mementos. The sooner you send or bring your mementos to us, the sooner your keepsake display will be completed.

How long does it take to complete my Preserved Floral Keepsake Display?
The process for a Preserved Floral Keepsake can take 3 to 4 months. Depending on the bridal season, it could take less time or more time. To get a better estimate of when your Keepsake Display will be done, please call us!